Friday, October 16, 2015

An All Star Week!

Writing & Science
This week was a very exciting week in first grade. Mr. Musselman from the science center visited our school with the Burlington Science Center’s “Star Lab”. To prepare for this exciting event, first graders were given research notebooks and researched all about the sun. We discussed what researchers do, brainstormed facts we thought we already knew about the sun, and then explored the topic further by reading and exploring some nonfiction books on the sun from the Pine Glen Library. When Mr. Musselman got here, we were so excited to venture into the Star Lab and learn even more about the stars and planets! We learned about all kinds of constellations such as the Big and Little Dippers, Orion the Hunter, Sirius the Dog, Queen Cassiopeia and more!  We had a blast!

After Star Lab, we began writing about our experience. We learned that when authors write about something that happened to them, it is called Narrative Writing. In the coming weeks, first grader authors will write narrative stories about their trip into the Starlab.  Thursday and Friday this week we spent time sketching pictures to help us remember the beginning, middle and end of our morning under the stars. Next week, we will work on turning those sketches into a story with lots of interesting details!   

Don’t Forget!
Next week is Elaine Babajtis’s retirement celebration on October 21st at 3:00pm! If you plan on attending, please RSVP to Mrs. Gordon at

Homework: Homework will begin on Monday. Your first grader’s homework folder will go home on Monday and should be returned to school on Friday. An overview of assignments will be included in the folder. A reminder that there are four components to first grade homework
  1. Reading - Every night for at least 15 minutes. (Please leave Reading Corp slips in the blue folder)
  2. EnVision Math Sheet
  3. Journal
  4. ST Math

If you have any questions or trouble with homework, just ask!

Talking Tidbits
  • Starlab!
  • What good researchers do
  • The sun
  • CVC words
  • Subtracting in math
  • Strategies to solve math facts (punch it out, count on, count back, draw a picture)
  • Narrative Writing-- Our stories about the Starlab!

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