Friday, October 9, 2015

OCTO-BURRR is here!

Recess: As the weather starts to get cooler, please be sure your first grader is prepared for outdoor recess! :)

Starlab!  On Wednesday, October 14th, first grade will have a pajama day and will spend their morning exploring the stars in Burlington Science Center’s “Star Lab”! Even though we will be cozy in our pajamas, please be sure students have appropriate footwear for outdoor recess.  

Math Time! First graders began Topic 2 of our math program EnVision.  This topic focuses on subtraction. When possible, use the math resources sent home last week to help support your child at home.

Reado Boards: Have some reading fun and help your child complete their October READO board. Students may bring in completed boards before the end of the month to receive a special prize!

Fall Festival: First grade will have  a Fall Festival on Friday, October 30th. A notice was sent home this week in your child’s green folder. If you would like to volunteer for this event, please let me know. Be sure you have a CORI on file and that you have attended a Confidentiality Meeting.  

Library this week:  In Library this week, Miss Carney gave us a tour of the library. Each first grader was challenged to “branch out” and find a new book, character, or author to check out. As a class we discussed trying something new whether it be trying a new food, a new game, or a new book! We talked about how new things can make us feel all sorts of things--  scared, nervous, excited!  In the next few weeks we will continue to encourage first graders to step outside their comfort zones and try some new kinds of books.   Please remember that if your child checks out a book that they cannot read independently, it is okay to read it to them! Most importantly, we want to foster a love of reading and literacy.  It is our hope that by asking first graders to try some new things, they made find new genres and authors they enjoy in addition to those books they already know and love.  

Writing & Science:  This week in writing we finished publishing and shared our All About Me books.  We also practiced writing more stories. Next week we will begin researching about the sun to prepare for Starlab with Mr. Musselman.  Writers will use a research notebook and learn to take notes to organize their information.  

Have a great long weekend!

Sharing our All About Me books!

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