Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Creative Crafting for Winter!
As we wind down and get ready for Thanksgiving break, we took some time to prepare our classroom for the next season-- WINTER! First, we made some winter pine trees. We talked about the steps an illustrator needs to take in order to create a piece.

  1. Stop and THINK! -- What do I want to make? What do I want it to look like?
  2. Make a LIST! -- What will I need to make my project?
  3. DRAW first -- Drawing before cutting makes it easier to be sure our piece comes out just how we want it!

We practiced following these steps as a class to make our pine trees. After we were done, we noticed that even though we all followed the same directions and had the same materials, our trees all looked a little bit different.

Next up-- we were faced with a BIG creative challenge -- to follow the steps to create a project of our very own.   We first brainstormed a list of winter wonders that may make a great project. Some included- mittens, penguins, skating, snowflakes, snowmen, and our list went on! Once we chose our topic, we got to writing our list of materials. We went “shopping” in our school store to get what we needed.   Then we got to work! Once our masterpieces were complete, we wrote about them. Some writers chose to write about what they made, others chose to write about how they made it, why they made it, or even made up a silly story about it! All of the students worked hard and should be proud of their creativity. We all learned that creativity can be tricky, but in the end-- it is worth it!

Narrative Books!  We are officially PUBLISHED AUTHORS! Our narrative stories have been published into books and we are OVER THE MOON! Please take some time to celebrate your child’s writing with them and be sure to take a peek at our stories  above our cubbies when you visit for conferences next week!

Conferences & Progress Reports: Please note that report cards will be sent home on Monday, November 30th.  Parent/ Teacher Conferences are scheduled for that week. Inside your first grader’s progress report folder you will find a reminder with you scheduled conference time. If that time is no longer convenient for you, please let me know and I will do my best to find a time that works for you.

Thanksgiving Writing: This week we learned about Thanksgiving. This week, we have some guest bloggers who will tell you about what we learned…

Thanksgiving Feast
By Brooke, Sam, and Brian

This week we have been learning about Thanksgiving. Did you know that 52 people died because they didn't have enough food? Squanto came and helped the pilgrims grow plants.  50 people survived. The pilgrims had to eat seals and when autumn came, they had a feast. We can't wait to learn more about Thanksgiving!

The First Thanksgiving
By Kai and Morgan

Today we learned about Thanksgiving.  Did you know some native people died from European diseases. 102 people sailed across the ocean on the Mayflower.  Squanto helped the pilgrims. 50 people survived the the winter storm.  Squanto taught them how to make food. Squanto got kidnapped but he made it back home.  The pilgrims build a big house called the Common House. We LOVED learning about Thanksgiving!

Good Thanksgiving
By Addie, Melody and Ryan
Today in 105 we learned about Thanksgiving.  They sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.  The Mayflower can carry 102 people and some people got sick and died.  We are going to tell you how the people got sick. They did not have food.  Then Squanto helped them survive.  Squanto helped them with the pilgrims. It was fun learning about Thanksgiving.  

By Rahul, Arianna, and Drew

We are going to tell you about what we learned. We read about Thanksgiving.  Many people died. The book taught us Squanto put fish to make good soil. We learned about the Mayflower and it had 102 people on it.  They ate lobster and squash at the first Thanksgiving.  People had to live on the Mayflower because they didn't have a home.  They ate turkey. We can't wait to learn more about Thanksgiving.  

Talking Tidbits:
-Learning about Thanksgiving
-The creative process and what we made!
-Doubles & Near Doubles
-More practice with glued sounds am, an, all
-Filling the ticket jar-- Bring a stuffed friend to school day!
-Words of the Week: do, does, have, from
-Watching the TURKEY TROT!
-Walk - a - thon

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Pine Trees!

Writing About Our Cool Creations!

Our Wonderful Winter Projects and Published Narratives!

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