Friday, November 6, 2015

We are B-U-S-Y Busy!

Though November is a short, choppy month of school, first graders at Pine Glen were B-U-S-Y! We learned new rules in phonics, started a new math topic, and started writing a narrative story. Use the talking tidbits below to chat with your first grader about their week!

NED Assembly:  This week we were very fortunate to attend the NED Show! Ned is a cartoon character whose name is an acronym standing for Never give up, Encourage others, Do you best. During the assembly, our host Meghan used yoyo trick to teach us these important life skills.  The assembly was engaging and motivating. Ned Show yoyos will be for sale at Pine Glen until Friday, November 13th. If your student is interested in buying one, please send their money to school in their green folder.  Money raised from the yoyo sales will go towards helping another school have a Ned Show just like a school had done for us!  We learned that his is called “paying it forward.”  For more information the NED Show, you may visit here.  Thank you to Miss Z for organizing this event for Pine Glen!

Writing: During writing this week we worked on choosing a topic for our narrative stories.   We discussed the difference between big moments and small moments. We learned that when we write about small moments we can include more detail and make our readers more interested. Big moments are sometimes too big for a written story! For example, vacation in Disney is a big moment. It would be too much to write one story about. Instead, students were encouraged to choose a small moment from within the big moment (ex: Breakfast with Disney characters or riding Splash Mountain).

Once we decided upon our topic, we began sketching out the beginning of our story. We worked really hard to include as much detail in our illustrations as possible. Next up-- we used our pictures to orally tell the beginning of our stories to a friend. Then, we let our pencils do the talking and began to draft the beginning of our stories.   

Math: In math this week we began Topic 3, Five and Ten Relationships.  We will be working with ten frames and learning the different parts of 10. Continue to practice math facts at home with your first grader whenever possible!

Talking Tidbits
- NED Assembly
- Phonics: Bonus Letters (f, l, s)  and Glued Sound (all)
- Starting our narrative stories
- November Author- Cynthia Rylant  
- Kahoot Quizzes at school

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