Saturday, December 19, 2015

We are Waddling into a Winter Wonderland!

Winter Wonderland: A reminder that our First Grade Winter Wonderland is on Monday. Students are invited to bring in a winter snack to enjoy during our event!
Winter Concert
We had a great time performing at our winter concert for all of our families. A BIG thank you to Mrs. Agati, Ms. Berger, and Ms. DeMartinis who worked tirelessly to put this event together for us.  We hope we were able to put you in the holiday spirit!

Mystery Readers
We were SO excited for our Mystery Readers this week! Melody's grandmother and Mr. Lyons visited to read us special stories!

Door Decorating!
Pine Glen is holding its first ever winter door decorating contest! First graders began by brainstorming various winter themes for our door. We then looked at some samples to get more ideas. We decided to go with a penguin theme! We looked at a few different ways we could make a penguin.  We discussed that just like we all look different, our penguins should look different too. Everyone in our class set out to make a unique penguin.  Once our penguins were complete, we brainstormed what to put around them, what words to put up and how to show whose penguin was whose. Take a look at our finished product below! Whether we win or not, we are really proud of our creativity and finished product! Students in grades K-5 will vote on Monday!

Persuading our Teachers!
We have some BIG news… first grade has officially persuaded all teachers to let students choose their own lunch seats!! This morning, all first grade classes got together and some students were chosen to read their letters aloud. The first grade teachers stood across the room from all of the students on the rug.  If teachers heard a very STRONG point and felt persuaded to change their minds, they took a step forward toward the rug. Some examples of great arguments were that they could meet new friends, they could learn to be responsible, it would make them happy (and who doesn’t want happiness?), and they will make non-tempting seat choices. In the end, all of the first grade teachers had made their way across the room.. they were persuaded!! Next, we practiced what it would look like when choosing a seat. We talked about making sure everyone is included and staying in one seat the entire lunch. We are so excited to choose our own seats!!

Talking Tidbits:
-Our Winter Concert!
-Author of the Month, Jan Brett
-Publishing our persuasive writing
-Decorating our classroom door!
-More Mystery Readers!
-Kind Kids Club
-Choosing our own seats at lunch!

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