Friday, January 8, 2016

Back in Action!

Happy New Year families! We had a great first week back to school!

In phonics we learned about and practiced writing words with four new glued sounds: ing, ang, ong and ung. We also learned our new trick words- by, my, try, and why. Don’t forget, first graders can always practice these rules and trick words at home too!

In science we began researching the four seasons, and even got our very own research journals! We researched using books and on the Brainpop Jr. app on our iPads. We took careful notes on weather, activities, clothes, foods, and other interesting facts on each season.

In math we continued solving addition and subtraction story problems, and learned how to solve story problems that ask more than one question!

During our library block we read the story The Hat by Jan Brett, and then began creating a picture glyph of a sock or a hat. We added details such as colors, stripes, or polka dots depending on our favorite seasons, our age, and the number of siblings we have. We loved creating these glyphs on our iPads on the Drawing Pad app!

Talking Tidbits
-Glued sounds ing, ang, ong, ung
-Researching the seasons!
-Our chicken eggs at the Science Center!
-What books we read this week!
-Creating hat/sock glyphs in library
-Solving 2 part story problems
-Our last Mystery Reader!

Ryan's Grandmother came in to read to us!

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