Friday, January 22, 2016

We are SUPER scientists!

It has been an exciting few weeks in first grade. We have especially been learning A LOT of science. Be sure to ask us about the four seasons, recycling, and chickens!!

Ready, Set, ACTION! We have been SUPER busy during writing time wrapping up our persuasive unit. First graders are writing scripts to produce their very first persuasive movies using the ipad app iMovie! The purpose of our movies is to persuade our audience of what season is the best. We wrote some snazzy topic sentence that will be sure to catch our listeners attention and then wrote juicy details that will convince them without a doubt! On Thursday and Friday we wrote a closing and starting planning out our illustrations and pictures.  Stay tuned for the finished product….

Recycling! Ms. P and Mr. Musselman of the Burlington Science Center, came and talked to Pine Glen students about trash and recycling. We learned that there are three types of trash: food waste, trash, and recycling. They challenged us to reduce the amount of trash we have at lunch by recycling more. Each day after lunch we have spent time separating our trash into three barrels. Ask your student about what they learned about recycling and talk about how you can help the environment by recycling at home. Check out some pictures of the assembly below!

Chickens! On Friday, Ms. P came to teach us all about chickens! Next week, our chicken eggs will arrive and we will watch them hatch into baby chicks. We are so excited for our classroom visitors!
Hoot Hoot Hooray! Pine Glen students earned their school wide prize of having a Whip Nae Nae dance party!!  We are now working towards earning a Pine Glen Movie Day! We are excited to keep being appropriate, safe and kind to earn more hoots!!
Talking Tidbits
-School Whip Nae Nae Video
-Exploring and choosing NEW to us books in library
-Earning more hoots for a movie day!
-Science Center Assembly on Recycling
-Learning about Chickens with Ms. P!
-Our chick eggs coming Monday!!!
-Writing our persuasive movies on the best season. (Ask us what our reasons are!)
-New Glued Sounds! ink ank unk onk

Authors at Work!

Recycling Assembly!

Learning about chickens with Ms. P!

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