Friday, April 8, 2016

Springing Into Poetry!

Though it sure hasn’t felt like it outside, inside the classroom we are in the spring swing!

Last week, we kicked off our month long celebration of poetry. After writing and publishing our first poem, we have made our debuts as a new kind of writer-- POETS! Here’s what we’ve done so far:

DOJO PYRAMID POEMS: First, we made detailed illustrations of our DOJO Monsters. Next, we looked at some examples of pyramid poems and discussed the features of this type of poem.  We brainstormed names for our monsters, adjectives to describe them, and verbs.  Last we wrote our poems and typed them up on the Drawing Pad app. A picture of the finished products are below.  Check out these cool creatures next time you are at Pine Glen!

SELFIE CINQUAINS: The second type of poem we learned to write is a cinquain. We began by brainstorming adjectives and verbs to describe us. While our lists were long, we were very careful b to choose words that we thought best fit our personalities. We looked at some cinquain examples, talked about the structure of a cinquain, then got to work! After we were done writing we took some “selfies” to display with our poems. Our “selfie cinquains” are fabulous! They are now displayed above our cubbies for all to read!

ACROSTIC POEMS: Students are also working with Ms. Carney and  Mrs. Ardizzoni in library to write an acrostic poem about spring! We brainstormed spring words using an alphabox and then used the Acrostic Poems app by the International Reading Association to draft our acrostic poem.  We will publish these poems next week during our library time.  

RAINBOW CONCRETE POEMS: At the end of the week, we began our rainbow concrete poems. We brainstormed objects that are the colors of the rainbow. Then, we chose the nouns we wanted to include in our poem, and thought of two words to describe them. We can’t wait to publish these colorful creations next week!

In phonics, we reviewed the v-e rule in words such as cake, Pete, home, pine, and mule.  We also learned to add suffix s to these words.  Students have learned that suffix s can make a word plural or also that it can make an action word mean that it is happening now.  
Blue Student Information Forms: Please return completed blue student information forms no later than Friday, April 15th, 2016.  

Important Dates: Dates have been set for end of the year events. They can be found on the side of the blog. More info to come!

Talking Tidbits
-Dojo pyramid poems
-Selfie cinquain poems
-Acrostic poems in library
-Adding tens to a two digit number
-Clay pots in art!
-New Vocab in Art: Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal
-Dream Career Day

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