Sunday, August 23, 2015

Welcome to First Grade!

 I expect that this year will be a wonderful experience for you and your child. This blog is a vital communication tool that I will use throughout the year to keep you informed of all that takes place in our classroom. Please make every effort to check it weekly. I will do my best to send an email each time the blog has been updated. You may also subscribe to the blog by simply typing your email address into the box titled “Follow by Email” on the bottom of this page.

 As we journey into the first few weeks of first grade, please consider that there are many differences between kindergarten and first grade. The first major difference is the length of the school day. First graders now come to school for the entire day. This will mean that your child will be much more tired for the first few months as they adjust to longer day. Please help your child by allowing him/her get a full night sleep. The first few weeks require the introduction to many new routines and procedures that may take some time and may not seem as exciting for your child. Please rest assured that I will make every effort to keep your child's experience positive and exciting, especially once we are settled into our routines.

Another difference between first grade and kindergarten is your child's experience with a variety of teachers. Although they will now have only one classroom teacher, Room 105 students will work with Ms. Govoni for P.E., Mrs. Agati for Music, and Ms. Fallon for Art. Your child may also experience different teachers for reading and math instruction. This will be discussed further at Open House.

 Finally, first grade is a lot of work! I can assure you that I will never ask your child to do anything that he/she is not capable of, but will push your child to do his/her very best each day. My hope is that first grade learning will be enjoyable for your child and will hardly seem like "work" at all!

There are many things you can do to help your child succeed in first grade. Visit the Helping your Child at Home page of this blog for a list of these tips. I have also included a first day checklist below. I hope this is helpful as you prepare to send your child to school.

I look forward to a fantastic year ahead. As these next few weeks unfold, please do not hesitate to call, email or set up a conference for questions or concerns.

Labeled Backpack
Completed Green Transportation Form
Completed Student Information Sheet
Hearty Breakfast at Home Lunch or Load Money at
Water (2 bottles recommended/labeled with name)
Sneakers for Gym (Mondays and Thursdays)
 Smock for Art (can leave this at school/ labeled with name)