For Students:

1. Starfall 
This is a fantastic website for students to build literacy skills.  

2. BetweentheLions

This PBS website is an entertaining way to help your child build reading skills.  Highlights of this site include; fun video clips, games and stories.

3. SpellingCity

This fun website may be used to practice sight words at home through a variety of games.  

4. XtraMath

This website will help students with their math fact fluency.  

5. Keyboard Climber

This game will help your child with keyboarding.

6. Kid Sites

This website offers a wide variety of kid friendly education games and activities for your child to use at home.

7. We Give Books

This website offers free online stories for your child and family to enjoy. Just sign up for a free account!

Check out this Dr. Seuss website for some games and reading fun!

This fun sight word game is a great way to practice our trick words.

10. ABC YA
Another site with fun learning games!

11. Fun for the Brain
...Even MORE fun learning games!

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