Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy February Break!

Informative Writing: We are officially published authors yet AGAIN! This time we wrote an informative class report on chickens. We discussed informative writing and how it’s different from narrative and persuasive writing. Informative writing teaches someone something and is based on facts. Students have worked together in small groups for the past few weeks observing our chickens and researching using books and iPads. We sorted the information we learned into categories on our class RAN chart. Each group chose one section of the report they wanted to publish. The group worked together to create a created catchy headings and a topic sentence. We learned how to turn our sticky note facts into sentences, and then brainstormed closing sentences.   Each student make an illustration using the Drawing Pad app to accompany their written part of the report. Together we came up with a list of titles for our report. We voted to see which one we thought fitted the purpose of our report the best. Finally, after a lot drafting and hard work, we were able to publish our chicken handout! A copy of this handout was sent home this week in your child’s green folder. First graders also chose one person to write a letter and share a copy of the handout with. We are really proud of ourselves and hope that we are able to teach others more about chickens. If you haven't already, take some time to celebrate their writing success! They are all such wonderful authors and illustrators! Next up after vacation... More informative writing on mammals!

Bowling Field Trip: We had a blast on our bowling field trip! Thank you to our chaperones and everyone who volunteered to help out. We had an overwhelming amount of volunteers and wish we could have brought you all! Also - thank you to Ms. Govoni and Ms. Nicholas for teaching us bowling in P.E. and for their help in organizing this special day. Lastly - a BIG thank you to Wamesit Lanes for all of their generosity! Check out some pictures of our fun-filled day below!

Talking Tidbits:
-Bowling in Math
-Our published informative book on Chickens!
-What’s next - Mammals!
-Presidents day - Learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!
-Pajama & Movie Day
-Our field trip to Wamesit Lanes!
-Valentine’s Day Celebrations


Monday, February 1, 2016

The Chickens have arrived!

Chickens: Thanks to Ms. Pavilcek and the Burlington Science Center, we have been able to enjoy the company of baby chicks in our very own classroom! On Monday, our eggs were delivered to us in our classroom incubator. When we came into school on Tuesday morning, we were so excited and surprised to see that many of our chicks had hatched overnight! We are very lucky to now have 6 chickens in our classroom. Throughout the week we have been taking careful observations of our chickens in our very own Chick Journal. We even had the opportunity to hold or pet our chicks. We have also been able to use these observations as part of our research for our upcoming informative report on chickens. Aside from observing our chicks, we have begun to take detailed notes and sketches in our research notebooks to keep track of the facts we are learning. Ask your first grader about what observations they have made, what facts they have learned and check out some pictures of our new visitors below!

Published Authors: We are now persuasive pros and are moving on to informative writing. We worked so hard on our persuasive movies and took some time to celebrate our finished products last week by watching our movies and writing notes to the authors/producers. We also LOVED getting notes from our families and we were over the moon to find out that our blog had hundreds of visitors to watch our masterpieces! As a class, we discussed again that writers write for their audience so we were very excited to hear we had such a big audience. We are SO proud of ourselves and we hope that we were able to persuade you of what the best season is!

Whip & Nae Nae Video/ Ticket Jar: A few weeks ago, Pine Glen students earned their first school wide prize for earning enough Hoot Cards - a dance party! Check out the link below! We also learned a class wide chicken dance for filling our ticket jar again!

Ms. Zannotti’s Blog: Take a minute to visit Ms. Z’s blog! A link to the Pine Glen Counseling blog can also be found in the blog list of the side of the page.

Talking Tidbits:
-Our Baby Chickens!
-Sneaky “E” words like hope, safe, Pete, and pine
-Fact families and related facts
-Informative Writing
-Chicken research
-Bowling in P.E.!


Reading Our Notes to the Author