Friday, September 11, 2015

A Super Second Week!

Our second week of first grade was fun and productive!

Stories and Writing
This week we began getting ready to be first grade writers. Before we even picked up our pencils we spent time talking with our peers and sharing stories orally.  We started the week by telling stories about our lives. We brainstormed stories about times we were happy, times we got hurt, celebrations we have been to and more! We took time to share stories with our classmates. First graders told stories about birthday parties, falling off bikes, visiting the zoo, and all kinds of adventures.   We learned to tell juicy details to make our stories more exciting and to use questions words to ask questions when we wanted more details.  We also learned how to take turns being the talker and the listener. We talked about how if you can think it-- you can say it. At home, take some time to tell your child stories and spend time listening to theirs. Encourage them to include lots of details!

Later in the week-- we got ready to write! We discussed that writing is talking with a pencil. We learned that if you can think it, you can say it, and if you can say it, you can write it! Before we began writing, we brainstormed some reasons why writers write. Together we talked about audience and sharing our stories with each other. We learned if you can think it, you can say it, if you can say it, you can write it, and if you can write it-- someone can read it!!

We brainstormed what we needed to be first grade writers. We needed things such as paper, pencils, folders, and some other materials.  We  designed our writing folders, got our materials and began free writing! Check out some pictures below!

Lifeskills & Ticket Jar!
First graders did an excellent job following our life skills and classroom rules this week. Our First grade ticket jar was full and the whole first grade earned a first grade dance party on Friday!!  We can’t wait to fill our jar again to earn another first grade prize!

Hero Assembly
First Graders attended the Pine Glen Hero Assembly on Thursday, September 11th. At this assembly we honored the heroes that keep us safe including our police officers and firefighters. We made cards to thank them for their bravery and hard work and also wore red, white and blue to show our support! Check out our patriotic pictures below!

First graders visited the Pine Glen library for the first time this week on Wednesday. Miss Carney read us a story and we were able to check out two books. Students must return their books before they will be allowed to take out new ones. Please help to remind your first grader to return their books once they are done reading them.  We will visit the library every Wednesday, but students can bring back books on any day.
Back to School Night Reminder
A reminder that Back to School Night is next Wednesday, September 16th at 6 pm. If you haven’t already, please sign and return the notice that was sent home with your first grader.

Talking Tidbits
  • Our ipads!
  • How we are earning tickets
  • Story telling
  • Heroes Assembly
  • Visiting the Library
  • Math games

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