Friday, September 25, 2015

A busy week!

We had another busy and productive week here in first grade. First graders have really begun to settle into all of their daily routines. We earned so many tickets that we filled the ticket jar for a SECOND time and earned some extra recess! Don’t forget to ask your child what he/she has been doing to earn tickets!

In writing we started a new narrative writing project - All About Me books! 105 writers wrote the first part of their book about what they look like and next week we will work described our families, and list a few of our favorite things! We talked about what a heading is, discussed when to use capital letters and punctuation, and even got to use special writing tools (mechanical pencils!) to help us practice our neatest handwriting. This project will be one of the many writing projects we will save to show you at our end of the year Author’s Breakfast!

During math we are continuing to practice addition to ten. Help your first grader at home by encouraging them to practice the math facts that were sent home in the green folders on Back to School Night. There are many engaging, kid-friendly math apps that can help them with these facts at home, including Math Bingo and Mathopolis. If you would like an extended list of ipad resources, please let me know. We have also been busy practicing using the ST Math app so that when homework goes home in October, we will know just what to do!

Room Parents
Our room parents this year will be Dawn Naddaff, Victoria Nguyen- Schultz. and Charlene Coughlin. Thank you all for volunteering!

Picture Day!
Picture day at Pine Glen will be on Tuesday, September 29th. If you would like to order pictures please send in the order form with your first grader.

Talking Tidbits:
-Ms. Zanotti, our school counselor, visits first grade!
-ST Math & our new friend JiJi!
-All About Me books
-Letter formations
-Filling the ticket jar --again!
-Our Author of the Month - Kevin Henkes

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